• Kanneliya Road, Kanneliya, Sri Lanka.
  • +94 91 573 5893, +94 77 170 0893
  • ecogardenkanneliya@gmail.com
Kanneliya Eco Green Hotel

Kanneliya Eco Garden

Kanneliya Eco Garden Hotel is the closest hotel to the highest biodiversity rain forest Kanneliya. In front of the hotel there is a beautiful child river of Gin named "Nanthikitha Ela". Also there are lot of birds, butterflies who endemic to Sri Lanka.

Eco Garden Hotel consists with four bed rooms with full facilities. We have different packages for local and foreign guests for very reasonable prices.

Why You Should Choose Us

Closest To The Rain Forest

We are the closest hotel to Kanneliya Rain Forest. We are at the border of the entrance.

Accommodation & Rooms

Our hotel consist four fully featured rooms including double and triple beds.

Lot of Memories To Capture

There are lot of places to visit and capture around Eco Garden Hotel Kanneliya.

Foods Menu

We have local and foreign food menus as you need. You can have quick bites from us as wel.

How You Can Book Our Hotel

You can reserve our hotel for accommodation, foods and catering. Follow these steps to reserve us quickly.

Contact Us

Contact us using our telephone numbers or email. Then we will check the reservations and let you know about the availability.

  • Contact Details
  • +94 91 573 5893
  • +94 77 170 0893
  • +94 77 959 5080
  • ecogardenkanneliya@gmail.com

Deposit Advance

After we confirm your reservation from our end , you need to deposit an advance for proceed and confirm the reservation from your end.

  • Bank Details
  • Commercial Bank : 8129002735
  • Bank Of Ceylon : 82113729

Enjoy Reservation

After above two process your reservation finalize and confirm. We will contact you before your reservation date. You can enjoy your trip without any headache of thinking about foods and accommodation.